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At Applied Heat, we pride ourselves in knowing the importance of the sustenance of installed plant systems, such that the ongoing upkeep, maintenance becomes truly vital to prolonged plant lifespan and production capability. The heaters are often core items in the clients production process.

We also acknowledge that after sales service is important, and that the clients down time is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

As such, we offer a varied scope for site and/or works requirements – as follows:

  • We are able to consult and/or visit sites to sort any operational issues, heater maintenance requirements etc. This service is provided directly or indirectly – depending on the site location and nature. This service is offered worldwide.
    Please provide heater serial numbers, make and model & year of manufacture to enable parts trace and correct quotations to be compiled.
  •  What is increasingly popular is for us to revert to existing sites and consider upgrades to the circuit and/or heaters – for reduction of operational costs and incorporation of updated technologies to enhance control and data availability. This service can also be offered.
  •  Heater system pipework and installation services, heater servicing, boiler inspection and heater commissioning can also be offered as required.

Heating system process evaluation, sizing and design

  • Process evaluations and site consults.
  • System design and engineering for heater circuit reticulation and sizings.
  • 3D modelling / modular systems
  • Energy audits / fuel assessments.
  • Upgrades to existing systems to reduce operational costs and enhance control and data availability.

Heater and boiler servicing, commissioning and repairs

  • Workshop repair and refurbishment capability – system upgrades and improvements.
  • Coil replacements – all systems from 1969.
  • Site servicing and repairs.
  • Plant commissioning – local and worldwide.
  • Plant maintenance and shutdowns. 


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