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Flash Steam Boilers

The VAPOMAT range of locally manufactured flash steam boilers consist of a standard range based on steam output, ranging from 100 kg/h up to 2,500 kg/h per unit.
3 minutes to full power
These can be supplied at standard steam operating pressure limits of 1000 kPa (10 Bar) or up to 4000 kPa (40 bar) on request.

The VAPOMAT flash-type steam boiler is mainly suited to small and medium steam user application or applications, where considerable energy and operating cost savings are easily realised by using the boiler only when steam is needed. The operating principle of a flash steam boiler results in a more economic operating cost – now more prevalent and important than ever. A VAPOMAT unit, if directly compared to a traditional shell type boiler with the same steam output and pressure can be up to 15% more economic to run – purely on its operating principle and design.

The operator simply starts the unit a few minutes prior to needing the steam, and the FULL STEAM OUTPUT and TEMPERATURE/PRESSURE is produced within 3 minutes from a COLD START. This is the major advantage of the system over traditional steam boilers. Steam is not made, as in a domestic hot water kettle, where a volume of water is brought to boil as such, but is GENERATED, as needed, by feeding it into the tubular heat exchanger, indirectly heated by the combustion gas from the burner.

The flash-type steam boiler is considerably more cost effective to operate, due mainly to the fuel saving in operating it only when needed, i.e. the extremely rapid steam production rate avoids the fuel wastage in getting up to temperature on a traditional boiler. Costs are also saved on water treatment as these systems seldom require active chemical water treatment, as there is NO WATER LEVEL inside the unit at any one time. The units simply require softened water – usually achievable using a simple ion-exchange water softener. The flash-type steam boiler also has a high thermal efficiency (85% +) due to its interior 4 air pass gas circuit – further reducing the operating costs.

Due to the lack of water volume inside the unit during operation, the flash-type steam boiler is considerably safer to operate too when compared to traditional type boilers.

The VAPOMAT system makes use of an air cooled outer plenum – allowing for further heat recovery and operating efficiency. The unit is also far simpler to repair as the tubes are put together in the form of a twin coil assembly: easily removed and replaced if needed, as against having to re-tube a traditional boiler in-situ with difficult access and RT/AIA costs. The complete coil can be replaced via the top lid with minimal downtime.

The flash-boiler is offered complete with its combustion and control/safety equipment. The systems can also be provided with ancillary equipment and accessories, where needed. These are, as example, the feed water tank or hotwell, the water softening units, blow down tank, steam seperator etc.

The VAPOMAT system is often supplied as a complete steam raising skid where all the necessary items are mounted on a small chassis, and fully inter-connected. The customer need then only supply hard water, fuel, and power to the skid, and pipe out the steam and drain, vent nozzles as required.

These systems can burn most normal fuels, such as diesel, paraffin, natural or LPG gas, and also heavy furnace oils on some sizes.

Uses for steam heating are currently most prevalent in the following industries :

  • Food industry – cooking pots
  • Steam autoclaves
  • Animal feed industry – pelletisers
  • Essential oil extraction
  • Reactor heating via steam jackets or coils
  • Direct steam heating application
  • Curing – concrete/ceramics/tiles
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Tanker manufacture industry
  • Fuel processing and re-manufacturing industry

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