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Space Heaters – Hot Air Blowers

The ARCOTHERM product range of imported air heaters consists of a large variety of air blowers, also known as space heaters.

These heaters are generally portable and use either diesel, paraffin, gas or electricity to generate a stream of hot air at their outlets. The hot air may be used for applications such as comfort heating of factories, workshops, garages, stores, site offices. Also used for semi-industrial applications such as product batch or process drying or curing, sitework heat drying/curing, agricultural industry applications such as grain drying/greenhouse tunnel heating, paint shops for motor industry and fiberglass industry amongst others.

The air produced by the ARCOTHERM heaters can either be direct combustion gas, giving 100% efficiency and maximum operating cost effectiveness for the client. Where perfectly clean air is required, indirect heating systems offer 91% thermal efficiency with no smell or fumes.

The space heaters are very versatile. They are mostly portable, need only 220V for fired units, operate automatically in most cases, and are complete with all safety equipment built in. The client simply connects or supplies fuel, moves it into the required position, plugs it in, switches on, and instant heat is available!

The units, where liquid fuel is used, also have their own fuel tanks. Gas units can be easily attached to standard gas bottles, ideal for site heating and quick and easy portable requirements.

Electric ARCOTHERM heaters offer a fully automatic, quiet, and cost effective way of heating semi-domestic environments. The use of 3 phase allows heaters to operate at higher outputs with fixed amperage and their output far exceeds the normal single-phase systems. Systems now up to 30kW are available in a single unit.

The ARCOTHERM product, produced in Italy by BIEMMEDUE, is a proven quality product, fully compliant with all European standards of workmanship and safety [CE mark]. Applied Heat has been representing the ARCOTHERM system in South Africa since 1986, and carries a full range of spares. Servicing and repairs are done at our works in Johannesburg, often while customers wait.

Applied Heat has a fleet of rental heaters, available for short or seasonal use. Maintenance during the rental period is offered at no charge if done at our works, excluding spares consumed.

Visit the OEM website – Biemmedue for more information.