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Thermal Oil Heaters

The THERMOMAT range of thermal heating systems are designed to heat up a circulating stream of heat transfer fluid (HTF) .This fluid stream indirectly heats a single or multiple user application, at operating temperatures anywhere up to 350°C.

A single THERMOMAT system can often be used to satisfy many different heating applications for the same factory or process line, simultaneously and at different temperatures. As an example, a single THERMOMAT heater system could produce a hot oil stream for the creation of hot air for drying process, whilst at the same time producing steam for an autoclave, as example, and also then provide a hot oil stream into a reactor coil or jacket, for the heating up of bulk fluids. Each can be independently controlled at differing/altering temperatures.

The THERMOMAT heater systems are typically superior to traditional hot water or steam boiler systems, mainly due to the temperatures being attainable WITHOUT USE OF A PRESSURISED SYSTEM. The oil circuit is always open to atmosphere in standard systems, and operates simply under normal pump discharge pressure.

Other advantages include :

  • The system operates as a closed circuit and hence consumes no chemicals or water and produces no waste products
  • Corrosion and equipment wear and tear is greatly reduced as no water is present
  • Operational safety is greatly enhanced due to the lack of pressure and corrosion
  • Plant lifespan is far longer due to the greatly reduced stresses associated with pressure and water heating systems.

The THERMOMAT systems also produce much higher temperatures when compared to steam/water systems, up to 300°C on standard plants, and even up to 350°C on special request. If such temperatures were required using, as example, a steam boiler, unrealistic steam pressures of over 80 Bar would be needed to achieve this temperature!

The range consists of models varying from 18KW to 3,500 KW nett heat output. Combinations of these standard sizes allows for limitless heat outputs for larger systems too. Systems are manufactured to fire most fuels, such as diesel, paraffin, natural or LPG gas, or heavy furnace fuels in some cases. All systems can also, as alternative, be manufactured in electrically heated format.

Standard systems come complete with their combustion and electrical controls as well as all combustion and safety related equipment.

The systems provided by Applied Heat can be offered as complete plants, or as individual items. Applied Heat offers a complete range of ancillary items for its heaters, such as valves, filters, pumps, expansion systems, control circuits, pressure relief circuits, as well as the process heat exchangers. Applied Heat holds too the expertise to consult and advise on the design of the heater application and the control thereof. The design of the complete reticulation circuit is one of our specialties.

The heat requirements of the customer are evaluated and calculated as a whole, after which a complete plant may often be proposed, inclusive of installation, commissioning, servicing and spares.

Uses for thermal oil heating are currently most prevalent in the following industries:

  • Gold elution and extraction (CIP and CIL) – mining industry.
    Read more about our Gold Elution heating systems
  • Chemical reactor heating in paint/resin/food/oil and lubricant industries
  • Press heating – wood industry
  • Process heating via indirect heat exchanger for pharmaceutical/fuel remanufacturing and processing industries
  • Edible/vegetable oil heating for food and snack industry
  • Printing and packaging industries
  • Air heating for textile industries/drying industry
  • Petrochemical industry

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